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4.00pm Tea and coffee, and exhibition
‘Jesus Women Before 1974’ in the Ship Street Centre 

4.30pm A programme of short TED-style talks
Talks by Dr Sarah Rugheimer, Hugh Price Fellow in Astrophysics
Prof Kathy Sylva, Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology
Prof Yvonne Jones, Senior Research Fellow in Medicine 
Prof Marion Turner, Associate Professor & Tutorial Fellow in English

6.00pm Break and Champaign reception in Ship Street Centre
(option to change for dinner or view exhibition)

6.30pm Musical guests in Chapel

7.15pm Dinner in Hall
Welcome by Dr Felicity Heal, Emeritus Fellow in Modern History 
Keynote address by Francine Stock, 1976, BA Modern Languages


Dress code: Evening dress (black tie equivalent)


For more information or to be added to the waiting list, please email guests who have already been allocated a place at the event please use this page to pay for your ticket and add information about dietary restrictions, access and mobility needs etc.