The 450th Anniversary Campaign seeks to secure for the future both the unique educational experience provided by the Oxford tutorial system and our ability to ensure the accessibility of that experience to the brightest students from all backgrounds. Our aim is to safeguard the College’s historic academic mission while putting Jesus in the strongest possible position to meet the educational needs and research challenges of the coming century.

Nearly a quarter of our alumni community have made a gift to the campaign so far and building on this success, we are well placed to raise the additional £7 million required to reach our goal.

Our Campaign Priorities:

Northgate site & Digital Hub

The landmark development of the Northgate site and Digital Hub will bring together the College’s students and researchers under one roof. Its world-class facilities will set the College apart as a leading centre of learning for the 21st century. To make the most of this unique opportunity requires support for the people who will make this space a vibrant community of scholarship.

Research and Teaching

The College environment encourages Fellows in all disciplines to push the frontiers of knowledge, conduct ground-breaking research, and inspire our students to succeed. Funding for Teaching Fellowships and post-doctoral Research Fellowships helps to attract and support the world’s best scholars and most inspiring teachers. 

Student Support

Jesus has been pioneering in its access and outreach efforts to reach out to schools and communities where pupils might not otherwise be encouraged to aim for Oxford. Nearly 30% of Jesus students receive a financial bursary or scholarship. We continue to seek funding for bursaries and studentships, to ensure that those able enough to secure a place at Jesus are never deterred from taking it up by financial concerns.