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Eligibility and Criteria

Details of how to apply to any of the schemes are announced at or after the end of Michaelmas Term and shortlisted applicants are asked to attend an interview in Balliol during Hilary Term. There is also an Information Meeting early in Hilary Term, for those interested in applying.

The William Westerman Pathfinders awards to North America: the College makes up to eight awards of approximately £2,500 each. A strong preference will be given to people who have never previously visited North America. Applications will be considered from those who visited for very short periods or when they were young, but anyone who has been there, especially on their own, for more than a week or so in the last few years is unlikely to be successful.

The William Westerman Pathfinders awards to the East: the College makes two awards of approximately £4,000. Some prior knowledge of the culture, language and customs of your proposed destination will be an advantage.

For all programmes:

  1. Any student who is not a citizen of the host country (or in the case of Asia a country within it) is eligible. 
  2. The student must be a graduate of more than two years’ standing or a final-year undergraduate.
  3. Graduate students must obtain the permission of their supervisor before applying.
  4. The qualities that the College will be looking for in making these awards are: (i) an ability to represent and be an outstanding ambassador for the College; (ii) overall contributions to the life of the College as a student; (iii) the merit of the application; (iv) academic achievement, and (v) an interesting project and strong desire to engage with the Balliol alumni community.
  5. Applicants will also be expected to be able to show that they have substantial maturity, an ability to get on well with a wide range of people, the motivation to self-start and the discipline to complete a project on time. 

The successful applicants will be required to attend two briefing sessions. They will also have to present a written report, including a journal of their visit and feedback on the programme, to the Master, when the final balance of the award will be paid. Appropriate insurance must be taken out by all Pathfinders (see College Handbook).

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