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Apply to be a William Westerman Pathfinder

The first Pathfinders travelled to the USA in 1955 and since then the programme has expanded to allow Balliol students to travel to Canada and Asia.

Use this form to apply for a 2023 William Westerman Pathfinders Award to North America or Asia.

Key dates for the selection process this year are as follows:

Drop-in Q&A sessions at 9am and 2pm GMT on Friday 3 February 2023 (Friday 3rd Week 2023).

Applications close at 9am GMT on Tuesday 14 February 2023 (Tuesday 5th Week Hilary Term 2023).

Shortlisted candidates notified by 5pm GMT Friday 18 February 2023 (Friday 5th Week Hilary Term 2023).

Interviews to be held between 4pm - 7pm GMT Wednesday 25 February 2023 (Wednesday 6th Week Hilary Term 2023).

Interviews will be held in the Master's Lodgings at Balliol. For any questions or to register for the drop-in Q&A session please contact:

Eligibility and criteria

Find out who is eligible to apply 

Why apply?

I was amazed at how naturally relationships could develop [with the hosts] which I could only describe as being real friendships. I shared some unforgettable times with them, and look forward to continue contact with many of them in the future.


Pathfinders has been fantastic for my Mandarin, but it's also done wonders for my independence and self-confidence, being out in a different continent for two months and mostly on my own and moving around frequently.


Pathfinders was an unforgettable experience: I fell in love with rich history and culture; I was welcomed into the homes of Old Members who made me feel like family.

Hannah Gliksten, 2014 William Westerman Pathfinder


Paul Moroz, 2014 William Westerman Pathfinder


Sara Dutta, 2014 William Westerman Pathfinder

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