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Join the 1263 Society Master's Circle

The regular support of so many of our Old Members and friends is essential to Balliol developing our traditions of academic excellence and social responsibility. Your support sustains tutorial teaching, welcomes the most promising students regardless of their financial background, and provides the pastoral and academic support our students need to thrive.

To give special recognition to our most generous regular donors, Balliol has launched the 1263 Society Master's Circle, for Old Members and friends who support the College with gifts of £1,263 or $2,000 a year or more, on an ongoing basis.

The 1263 Society Master’s Circle was launched with a special event in London in May 2019. As the Circle grows we look forward to welcoming more members to these exclusive celebrations. Our next event will be the Dean’s Dinner in College on 5 June 2020.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of the 1263 Society Master's Circle, please contact Amy Lamb.

You can join the 1263 Master's Circle by making a gift today.

UK donors: make a regular gift by Direct Debit and join the 1263 Society Master's Circle.

US donors: join the 1263 Society Master’s Circle with a regular gift via Americans for Oxford by contacting Amy Lamb.

International donors: make a regular gift by credit card and join the 1263 Master's Circle.