Oxford Alumni Online

Oxford Alumni Online (OAO) consists of a number of community websites, based mainly around Colleges and Departments, as well as the overarching community for all Oxford alumni.

Alumni can sign up for a free account to gain access to enhanced features such as the members' search. An account will enable an alumnus to gain access to all relevant Oxford Alumni Online websites.

For example, an alumnus who graduated from St John's College then studied at Regent's Park College would upon registration gain access to the restricted areas of the following OAO websites:

  • St John's Alumni
  • Regent's Park Alumni
  • Oxford Alumni website

All DARS Participants are given the opportunity to develop their own Oxford Alumni Online website.

OAO Participants

You will be notified by email when your College(s) or Department(s) join the platform and you may also receive a further communication from your College/Department directly, to introduce you to their specific tools and functionality.

If you're an alumnus you can register for a free account now, regardless of whether your college has migrated to DARS.