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William Westerman Pathfinders Hosts

William Westerman Pathfinders are given the opportunity to travel throughout the USA, Canada and Asia while completing a research project of their own choosing that will help them broaden their understanding of the cultures of the countries they are visiting. 

What makes this programme so successful is the wonderful and loyal network of hosts that Westerman Pathfinders engage with along their journey. Hosting may involve offering a bed in your home or apartment for a night to a Westerman Pathfinder on his or her journey, or simply meeting a Westerman Pathfinder for drinks or a meal. 

Register to be a Host

Register to host a Westerman Pathfinder travelling to North America.
Register to host a Westerman Pathfinder travelling to Asia.

FAQs for hosts

Find out more information about what is expected of hosts and of William Westerman Pathfinders. 

William Westerman Pathfinders history

Find out about more about the William Westerman Pathfinders programme: when it started and how it has evolved. 


If you acted as a host in in the past and have any comments on your experience, we would be very interested to hear them. Please email the programme coordinator.

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