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Graduation Waiting List

Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
1 * Your details
 Full Name
2 * Postal address
3 * What degree are you graduating for?
4 Are there any other degrees you want to collect (in absentia) at this ceremony?
5 * Which ceremony would you like to attend?
6 Should your preferred graduation ceremony be full, are there any other ceremonies you could attend?

7 If you are part of a group booking, please state the name of the group contact
8 Graduates attending a ceremony for their MA, MCh, DD, DCL, or DM will be asked to kneel in front of the Vice-Chancellor, who touches them on the head with a Bible. Select the option below if you would like to OPT OUT of this part of the ceremony.
9 * Are you happy for your name to appear in the Ceremony programme?
10 Please read the Degree Ceremony Terms and Conditions (link opens in new window).
11 * Do you agree to the Degree Ceremony terms and conditions?

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Balliol College Event Terms and Conditions, including our cancellation policy, can be read at: