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Balliol Ball 2019 - Nebula

Balliol Ball 2019 - Nebula

Saturday 29 June 2019, 7.30pm til late
Balliol College

In the observable universe, there are over 100 billion stars. When any one of these stars dies, the interstellar dust and elements thrown out in the explosion form what is called a nebula, a giant cloud in which new stars are born. We invite you to a “star nursery” of our own in the heart of Oxford for a night of as much beauty and spectacle as our universe.

Balliol alumni are warmly invited to join current students at this year's Nebula-themed ball, complete with entertainment, food and drinks.

Tickets cost £115 and include alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, access to all entertainment and performances, and food options. There is also the option to help subsidise a student ticket. Money for subsidised tickets will be handled by Bruce Kinsey, Chaplain and Welfare Officer, and used to help current JCR members who are struggling to afford a full price ticket.

Dress code is black tie.

Booking for this event has now closed. If you have any questions about the Ball please email the Development Office.

If you would would like to enquire about sponsorship opportunities, please email the Ball President, Rishem Khattar.