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Aisha Simon

Aisha Simon

Hello! My name is Aisha, and I am in my final year of reading English. Within my subject, my interest lies particularly in the materiality of texts, but this summer I am hoping to look at how the physical presences of narratives in second-hand bookshops are able to map out their external environments. I think the stories behind bookstores can provide a unique lens for cultural cartography, and I really hope to get a sense of a wide range of cities in the North America, especially as this will be my first visit. I’ve really enjoyed being part of Balliol, I was Charities Officer in 2013 and Vice-President in 2014, I’m an Elton Scholar, and have played hockey, lacrosse and rowed for the college. Outside of Balliol I have been involved with drama, the Oxford Art Movement and more recently, attending and helping out with IR conferences, a field I have a growing interest in. 

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