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Balliol Leavers' Gift 2017

Education is a fundamental tool to empowerment, but higher education opportunities are snatched away from refugees who face great uncertainty about whether they can ever return to study, even for the most able students. 

The Balliol College JCR and MCR have established the Balliol Students’ Scholarship to respond to this crisis in the small way that we can. This scholarship will fully fund an undergraduate degree every two years, through a combination of donations from current students and alumni. 

We would like to thank the JCR and MCR who have come together to create the Students’ Giving Campaign with an opt-out levy of £4 a term. Over 90% of JCR members give regularily to this initiative and we’d now like to invite leavers to join us by giving a regular gift of £12 a year. 

To turn this aspiration into a reality and transform the lives of the most academically able refugee students, we need your support. Balliol has a proud history of welcoming refugees, most notably in the case of Jewish refugees prior to and during the Second World War. Please help us to forge the next chapter of this history.

Annie Williamson (2014), JCR President 2015-16
Philip Williams (2015), MCR President 2016-17

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