The Harvey McGregor Fellowship in Law

Harvey McGregor

In memory of Harvey McGregor CBE, QC, DCL 

Fellow 1972-1985

Warden 1985-1996

Honorary Fellow 1996

In 2012, Harvey approached the College to suggest a new appeal to endow the second Fellowship in Law at New College. The appeal target of £1.2 million would generate sufficient income to underpin the Fellowship in perpetuity, helping to secure the future of the post and to ensure that the study of Law remains a key subject in College for generations of both students and fellows.

Harvey’s commitment was to offer to match all contributions to the appeal, up to £600,000. He hoped that this “challenge” would inspire others to join with him to help realise the goal.

Harvey McGregor receives CBEMany contributions have already been received or pledged over a number of years and the College is very pleased to report that as of October 2015 nearly £250,000 has been committed (with matching contributions already received from Harvey taking this to £500,000).  We are most grateful for the support already received and very much hope that others, for whom Harvey was a part of their lives, will wish to be involved.

In recognition, not only of Harvey’s personal financial commitment to the appeal, but of the service he gave to the College as Fellow, Warden and Honorary Fellow, the College plans, on the success of the appeal, to name the Fellowship after him.

For further information on the appeal or for advice on making a contribution please contact Mark Curtis, Fellow & Director of Development. Alternatively a donation form can be downloaded here.

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