Recognising your support

New College is pleased to recognise its donors in line with each individual's wishes and in the fullest and most appropriate way. Equally, if donors would prefer to remain anonymous, we will of course respect their wishes.

The names of donors to New College during the financial year are listed in the New College Record, in year groups.

Donors who give £1,379 or more are entitled to become Members of the College's 1379 Society. To find out more and to view the 1379 Society booklet, please click here.

Your name will be added to the Benefactors' Book for cumulative gifts of £1,000 and to the Major Benefactors' Book for cumulative gifts of £25,000 or more. This is a very impressive volume, leather bound with your name hand-written. When completed, it will take its place in the College Archives alongside records going back to the time of the foundation of the College. Meanwhile, it is displayed in the Development Office and you are most welcome to pay us a visit to see your entry.