Joint Data Controllers: Development and Alumni Relations System (DARS)

The University of Oxford’s Alumni Relations and Development teams exist to establish and build lifelong relationships with and amongst our alumni, donors and supporters (“You”). We’re here to help you stay connected with each other and with the news, research developments, events, exhibitions, collections and resources, reunions, volunteering opportunities, fundraising priorities and progress updates that are important to you.

The overarching purpose of collecting and processing your data is to provide you with the best possible experience of being an alumnus/alumna, donor, or supporter. It also enables us to ensure that any approaches we make to ask for your support of our alumni relations or fundraising goals are respectful, professional, and relevant to you.

We store and share your data across the collegiate University using our relationship management system called the Development and Alumni Relationship Management System (DARS). We use DARS to ensure your contact details remain up-to-date, and to track and manage our interactions with you so that you only hear from us about the things you care about the most.  

As joint data controllers each participating college, including the University, is responsible for keeping your data safe and protecting your privacy. To learn more about how each participating college collects, uses and shares your data, please click on their name below.

Links to Participating Colleges (including the University)