Faculty Development

The University of Oxford is one of the birthplaces of the science of Geology. The University's Chair of Geology traces its lineage back to the pioneering Oxford scholar William Buckland, who, among many other accomplishments, wrote the first description of a dinosaur and significantly contributed to the recognition of Ice Ages.

Buckland's teaching inspired Charles Lyell, who first formalised the principles of the science in his landmark 19th Century works.

Since its establishment in 1860, the University's Department of Earth Sciences has attracted some of the greatest academics in Geology, whose work has enriched and advanced the subject. The Department continues this tradition today with world-class academics committed equally to teaching and research. In order to attract the highest calibre of people from around the world, we seek funds to support three of our key academic positions: the Chair of Geology, the Chair of Geophysics and the Chair of Geochemistry.

If you would like to discuss donating to faculty development, please contact Claire Grainger, or Hannah Curwell-Parry, Head of Development - MPLS.