Field Teaching Fund

Oxford's commitment to fieldwork...

Fieldwork is central to the study of Earth Sciences, and we maintain a serious commitment to teaching undergraduates in the field. Our undergraduates spend at least two weeks a year in the field following courses that supplement their classroom studies back in Oxford.

Field teaching is under threat at other major universities because of the escalating costs in providing such courses. At Oxford we passionately believe that it is only through field teaching that students develop the knowledge and understanding that are needed to solve the enormous range of problems that the natural world presents.

...And how you can help

The annual cost of the undergraduate field teaching programme has risen to over £200,000. It is our goal to raise, through regular giving and by building up endowment funds, a substantial portion of this sum to secure the future of Earth Sciences field teaching. We currently receive very generous support from many alumni, and believe that with the help of many more still, we can meet our target of £200,000 this year.

We hope that you will consider supporting us in this endeavour. A gift of any size will make a real impact on the undergraduate field experience:

  • £50 pays for a student rail-fare to the Assynt field trip
  • £120 pays for a graduate student to act as demonstrator on the Pembroke pre-1st-Year field trip
  • £250 supports a 2nd-Year student carrying out a mapping project in a challenging area in Europe
  • £250 pays for the hire of a boat and equipment to allow fieldwork in a lagoon setting during the Bermuda field trip
  • £500 travel support allows a student to carry out field research as part of their 4th-Year project
  • £750 allows a 4th-Year student to collect samples as part of a project on volcanic hazards
  • £1,000 pays for the cost of a minibus and professional driver on the Greek field trip

To learn more about the undergraduate field trip experience, please read this article from the 2011 Newsletter.

If you would like more information on supporting Field Teaching please contact Claire Grainger, or you can make a gift by using these donation forms: UK and USA

It is also possible to make a gift online.