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The Geology of Oxford Gravestones

Gravestone Geology front cover image
Authors: Nina Morgan (DPhil, Wolfson 1976) and Phil Powell (BA, Oriel 1958), former curator of geology at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

The wide range of rock types used for gravestones means that cemeteries can be geological treasure-troves. For geologists – whether amateur, student or professional – almost any urban cemetery provides a valuable opportunity to carry out scientific field work at leisure, right on the doorstep, and at no cost.

The geological trails in the six Oxford cemeteries described in The Geology of Oxford Gravestones highlight the wide variety of rock types and geological features that can be seen in graveyards throughout Britain – and provide an introduction to geology that anyone can enjoy.

More information, including details of where the book can be purchased, is available via their website: www.gravestonegeology.uk.



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