2017 Alumni Dinner

The 2017 Alumni Dinner was held at St Peter's College on 6th May, including reunions for those who matriculated in 1964, 1967, 1977, 1982, 1985 and 1997.

The dinner offered a special opportunity for St Peter's alumni in particular, with the full set of tutors past and present in attendance: as well as current tutor Nick Tosca (Tutor 2013- ) and fellow Joe Cartwright, we were delighted to welcome back Steve Hesselbo (Tutor 1991 - 2013) and Harold Reading (Tutor 1971 - 1991).

Additional Faculty (past and present) included: David Bell, Jim Kennedy, Don Fraser, Hugh Jenkyns, Gideon Henderson, Conall Mac Niocaill, and Stuart Robinson.

During the afternoon, alumni had the opportuinity to visit the department and attend a viewing of the Bodleian Library's Volcanoes exhibition with Professor David Pyle, in the newly refurbished Weston Library.

Some photos from the event can be viewed below.

David Pyle (centre) introduces the Volcanoes exhibition
David Pyle (centre) introduces the Volcanoes exhibition