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The Jesus College Development Fund

The Development Fund has been set up to pool many regular donations to provide a flexible source of annual income that can be distributed to projects that need it most. The Fund provides support for the vital everyday activities of the College, from maintaining our historic site as a practical place to work and study, to ensuring students are not deterred from studying here by financial circumstances.

The Development Fund has been broken down into the following sections:   

Support the Development Fund

Promoting Scholarship

The tutorial system is the hallmark of an Oxford education. It offers students unrivalled access to world-class academics and researchers in their field and is,inevitably, a costly form of teaching. Supporting the tutorial system, by providing funding towards Fellowships, will help preserve this unique method of teaching. The College also seeks to offer grants to assist Fellows and graduate students with undertaking and promoting their research.  

Rewarding excellence

There are many students at the College who achieve outstanding academic results, work exceptionally hard and serve on committees and other voluntary bodies in their spare time. Their dedication is integral to the ethos and reputation of the College, and because of this, we would like to increase the amount financial reward we offer to students for outstanding performance by giving scholarships, exhibitions and prize-funding.

 Promoting access 

We want to ensure that no students are discouraged from studying at Jesus because of cost. The College currently offers access bursaries which range from
£300 to £600 a year, depending on household income. Around one in four undergraduates at the College currently receives an access bursary at some level. An access bursary can make an enormous difference, enabling an individual to participate more fully in all aspects of university life during their time at Oxford. 

Fabric and environment

Maintaining and improving the College’s built environment is one of our largest operating costs. Each year, the College needs to refurbish a proportion of student accommodation. We also need to undertake smaller projects that make a difference to students’ quality of experience, such as new bike sheds and supporting the JCR’s drive to improve the College’s environmental performance.  

The Oxford experience

The social, cultural and sporting life of College is a crucial part of the Oxford experience. We want to ensure that future generations of students enrich
their lives and have the opportunities that past members of the College had. Specifically we seek funds to support sporting activities, music and creative

Where the need is greatest

The relative importance of these priorities can change and we particularly welcome undesignated donations so we can apply them where the need is