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The Development Office was set the task of raising £3 million in new donations and pledges in its first three years and we are delighted that at the end of the second year, we have almost reached this target.

In 2009/10, the College received new donations and pledges of just over £2 million, thanks largely to the generosity of Old Members. Donations received ranged from £5 to £600,000, given as single donations, regular gifts and pledges over several years.

Many of these donations and pledges have been given in support of the Ship Street Centre and towards the endowment of Fellowships, both of which will remain priorities for the College over the coming years. We have also seen a significant increase in donations for the Development Fund, which supports many day-to-day projects at College that contribute significantly to the experience of the current students.

We are particularly pleased to see a rise in the proportion of Old Members giving back to College. In 2009/10, 13.4% of Old Members made gifts to College, compared with 8.5% in the previous year. But we still have some way to go to reach the participation rates experienced by other colleges such as Univ (33%), Corpus (30%), and Exeter at 20%.

Importantly our return on investment was high. Every £1 the College spent on fundraising in 2009/10 generated £9.26 in new donations and pledges.