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Tax-efficient giving (UK tax payers)

UK tax payers can make tax-efficient charitable donations through a number of schemes. As well as this, your employer may operate a matched giving scheme through which they will match the gifts you make to charities. Your organisation's human resources department should be able to tell you if it operates such a scheme.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a UK government scheme enabling charities, including Wadham College, to claim tax relief on donations from UK tax payers. For every £1 a UK tax payer donates, Wadham College can reclaim 25p in tax. This means that a £100 gift with Gift Aid is worth £125 to Wadham College.

You can use our online giving page to make a Gift Aid donation directly to Wadham College.

Please note that in order for to reclaim Gift Aid on your donations, we are required to share relevant and necessary data with HM Revenue and Customs.

Payroll giving

If you are a UK tax payer who is paid under PAYE (Pay As You Earn), you can maximise regular donations to Wadham College through payroll giving. A payroll giving gift is taken directly from your gross pay, giving you immediate tax relief at the highest rate of tax for which you qualify.

If you are interested in payroll giving, you can request an application form from your employer, expressing your wish to donate to Wadham College.

Should you choose to donate via this method, we would be very grateful if you could contact the Development Team to confirm the area of the College which you would like to support.

Giving stock and shares

A gift of land, property or shares to a charity provides a donor with tax relief on both income tax and capital gains tax.  For share gifts in the UK, the tax relief afforded to the donor will be equal to the market value of the shares on the day the gift is made.

If you are interested in making a gift of stock or shares to Wadham College, please contact the Development Team, who will be happy to assist you.

Legacy giving

A gift left to charity in your Will is exempt from Inheritance Tax (IHT) in the UK.  A further incentive is provided by the government when you leave 10 per cent or more of your net estate to charity.

Please visit our legacies page for further information on the benefits of legacy giving, or should you wish to contact a member of the team for an informal discussion.

Tax-efficient giving (for non-UK tax payers)

Donors in the US

If you are a US tax payer, please make your donation through Americans for Oxford and select Wadham College from the drop-down menu.

Americans for Oxford, Inc (AFO) is the University of Oxford's primary charitable organisation in the USA. AFO is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service) which seeks gifts to benefit the University and its colleges. In compliance with IRS regulations, the Board of Directors of AFO maintains complete discretion over allocation of the gifts it receives. Gifts to AFO qualify for an income tax deduction to the full extent allowed by law.

Donors in Hong Kong

If you are a tax payer in Hong Kong, please make your donation to Wadham College through the University of Oxford China Office, which is set up as a charity in Hong Kong under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. If you are a tax payer in Hong Kong, the Office will make sure that your gift is designated to Wadham College and also issue you with a tax receipt.

Donors in Canada

If you are based in Canada and require a receipt for Canadian tax purposes, you can use our online giving page to donate to Wadham College directly.  Simply tick the box 'Canadian Tax Receipt' and we will issue you with a tax receipt for your donation.

Donors in Switzerland

If you are a tax payer based in Switzerland, you can make a tax-efficient donation to Wadham College via The Swiss Friends of Oxford University (SFOU).  SFOU is set up as an association (Verein) under Swiss law and has a tax ruling from the canton of Zug recognising its tax-exempt status.

On the SFOU donation page, simply select 'College' under 'Gift information' and choose Wadham College from the drop-down menu.