Somerville College - in development 


From the moment of matriculation, you are a Somervillian for life, and you are always very welcome back at your College. We host formal alumni events, of course, but we welcome informal visits too, and would love to show you what the College is doing and how we are keeping its long-standing values alive.

As an alumna or alumnus, you are also part of a broader, global community of Somervillians. Our alumni have formed associations abroad, as well as associations linked to professions and other interests. You can find out about these different community groups through the menu to the right. You can also access our annual publications on this website, look up fellow alumnae and tell us your news. We hope that you will remain actively involved in the College, and supporting its work in different ways, regardless of how many years might have passed since your graduation.

This site offers you the opportunity to sign up for event updates, to keep up with the College through social media and to discover some of our longer-term goals. We hope to help you connect with other alumni too and, more generally, to enable you to remain actively involved with your College.