Themed email lists

Oxford alumni emails

We have a number of mailing lists you can subscribe to if you’d like to receive specific communication about a particular theme. You can choose from:


Be the first to hear about alumni event from networking to study days. You'll receive a monthly events digest of all events open for booking including University lectures and departmental events. You may also receive invites throughout the year to events we think might be of interest to you (based on your location and interests).


Advanced notification of new alumni tours, access to interviews with trip scholars and a round up from the Oxford Alumni Travellers community. We will also notify you when there is a new digital brochure available (if you would like to receive a printed copy of our travel brochure please complete the request form) 

Careers and further study

Find out more about how the University can help your professional or intellectual development.

Alumni Weekends

Receive advance information and booking notifications about our Meeting Minds events, in Oxford (each September), Europe (every other Spring in one of Europe’s capital cities), Asia (held biennually) and North America (held every other April). You will only receive information about the event geographically closest to you and the Oxford event.

Books and learning

Receive regular emails highlighting a range of news, events and offers relating specifically to the area of books and learning. This will include book reviews, book signings, literary events and offers, and information about opportunities for further study from study days to online courses and academic resources.


Expanded coverage of University sporting news.