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Only alumni who were matriculated undergraduate or graduate students of the University of Oxford can register for this new service online. If your connection to the University was as a non-matriculand, please contact the Alumni Office.

You must agree to abide by our terms and conditions of use before we will open an account for you.

You will need your Alumni number (in the format 8-********) to register. You can find this at the top of OT Extra (or any email from the Alumni Office), on your Oxford Alumni Card, on the latest address sheet of your Oxford Today magazine, or by contacting the University Alumni Office.

Please check before you register that you have not already set-up an account with this site or one of the other Oxford online communities. If you think you may have done but can't remember your password, please follow the forgotten password link on the login page.

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Registration help!

Alumni number

In the format '8-******'** .Find this on your Oxford Alumni Card, Oxford Today cover sheet or any email address from the University Alumni Office.  If you don't have your number, please complete this form

User name

We recommend that you use your email address. If your chosen username is already taken, you may have already registered. You can use the 'forgotten password' facility to check.

Have I registered?

We do not automatically register alumni for Oxford Alumni Online. Even if you regularly receive OT Extra and Oxford Today you will need to complete the registration form to access the service. 


Finalist students

You will need to register for an account to gain access to the site.