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There are a number of types of legacy which you can make to support the College:

A Residuary Legacy

This is the gift of all or part of the net residue of your estate, after all liabilities, taxes, legacies and administrative expenses have been met. This gift is particularly simple as you neither have to quantify the sum nor worry about inflation when you draw up your Will.

A Specific or Non-Money Legacy

If you wish, you can leave a personal possession, such as property, jewellery, works of art or stocks and shares to the College. (Please bear in mind that such a gift will only take effect if you still own the specified possession(s) when you die.)

A Pecuniary Legacy

This simple form of legacy allows you to give a specific sum of money to Jesus College. The disadvantage of this kind of gift is that the value will decrease with inflation.

A Conditional Legacy

This provides for the eventuality that, if any one of your named beneficiaries does not survive you, their part of your estate will be left to the College.

A Reversionary Legacy

This gift has the advantage of providing for your family first and then benefiting the College. It involves leaving your assets to trustees so that the beneficiaries can enjoy the benefits during their lifetime with the whole or a portion passing to the College on their death.

Planned Giving

This scheme is offered for residents of the USA.  Planned gifts benefit the College while helping you to save taxes, increase your income and pass more on to your heirs. To find out more, please visit Oxford Planned Giving on the Oxford University North American office website.