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The Junior Members' Scholarship

In 2011, the students at Jesus College Oxford, headed by undergraduate, Emily Dreyfus, led an initiative to establish a full undergraduate scholarship for a student from a university in Gaza. Future scholars will be chosen from other regions where access to higher education is limited.

The first recipient of the Junior Members Scholarship was chosen in 2013. Rawan Yaghi, a student at Gaza's Islamic University, earned a palce at Jesus College to take an undergraduate degree in Italian and Linguistics.

A significant portion of the costs of the Scholarship will be funded by the students themselves. In response to this pledge of student support, the University of Oxford will waive 60% of the tuition fees. Further external funding for the first scholar has been pledged by the Hoping Foundation, the Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation, and the A.M. Qattan Foundation. Jesus College has also agreed to waive the College fee.

However, we are still seeking additional donations to ensure the financial security of this Scholarship fund. This will enable us to offer all future scholars the best possible support for the duration of their degree.

Your support will give academically talented students the chance to study at Jesus College.

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