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The Governing Body would like to thank and recognise all those who give to the College and has introduced a Patron Scheme.

The 1571 Society, marking the year of the College’s foundation, recognises donors giving more than £1,571 each year to the Development Fund. This is equivalent to £105 a month (plus Gift Aid).

The Legacy Society recognises those individuals who have remembered the College in their Wills.

Donors of £2,000 - £9,999 are invited to become Mansell Patrons
Mansell Patrons are named after Francis Mansell who was Principal on three occasions between 1620 and 1661. He both contributed personally to the cost of new college buildings and worked successfully to raise funds from others, particularly in Wales. His major addition to the College was the building of Staircases VI and XIII in 1639-41.

Donors of £10,000 - £49,999 are invited to become Meyricke Patrons.
Meyricke Patrons are named after Edmund Meyricke who studied at Jesus College between1656-59 and was elected a probationary Fellow of the College in 1662. He left an important bequest in 1713, comprising lands in North Wales and Carmarthen, with funds for the support of Bala Grammar School and for scholarships and exhibitions at Jesus for students from North Wales.

Donors of £50,000 - £99,999 are invited to become Jenkins Patrons.
Jenkins Patrons are named after Leoline Jenkins who was a lawyer from Glamorgan who combined his Principalship of the College from 1661 to 1673 with practicing in London in the Court of Arches and High Court of Admiralty. He was also MP (for Hythe, and subsequently for the University of Oxford) and an important diplomat (e.g. Principal Mediator at the Congress of Nijmegen 1675-79). Whilst Principal, he made significant contributions to the costs of further development of Second Quad, including the Fellows' library. On his death in 1685 he bequeathed the College a large complex of estates. With this bequest, the College was able to complete the Second Quad and fill all sixteen College fellowships and (mainly graduate) scholarships.

Donors of £100,000 or more invited to join the Principal’s Circle of Benefactors.

Patrons, members of the 1571 and Legacy Societies will be listed on donor boards within the College and in the College’s new annual report to be published later in 2010. They will also be invited to exclusive events, such as the Benefactors’ Carol Concert, and receive other benefits according to the level of support.

Requests for anonymity will of course be respected.

For further information on recognition, please contact the Director of Development.