Alumni Benefits

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The main benefit of being part of the Oxford Earth Sciences alumni network is the opportunity to connect with likeminded people around the world with a common experience of their student days - having most likely sat through the same lectures and tutorials, handled the same samples and mapped the same field locations.

These alumni now work in academia, industry large and small, private consultancies, government agencies and more.

They are often just an email away - or perhaps sat across the office in your next place of work. If you are looking for advice on a new job, travel opportunity, research collaboration or work posting, why not connect via our alumni group on Linkedin: Oxford Earth Sciences Alumni Group

All Earth Sciences alumni receive invitations to the Annual Dinner, as well as other events throughout the year including the Oxford Alumni Weekend.

Earth Sciences News, our annual magazine, is mailed to all Alumni, with research news and updates from the department, as well as articles and news from alumni and current students. We also send a termly e-newsletterLatest E-newsletter.

Earth Sciences alumni are always welcome to visit the Department - whether to attend one of the Department's research seminars, or to meet up with old tutors. Please do get in touch in advance if you would like to set up any particular meetings.

University Alumni Benefits

Alumni of the University of Oxford are entitled to an ever-expanding range of benefits and services, from discounts associated with the Oxford Alumni Card (including hotels in Oxford and shopping at Blackwells), to exclusive holidays and opportunities for professional development.

More information can be found on the University's Alumni Benefits page.

Alumni Events

The University Alumni Office run many social and professional events throughout the year, which Earth Sciences Alumni are welcome to attend.

For more information, please take a look at the Oxford Alumni Events page.

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