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Pathfinder Host Availability Form

Please fill out the form below to register as a Pathfinder Host. Please select which Pathfinder Programme (USA and Canada or Asia) you would like to host for when indicated.

Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
* Name
Name of spouse/partner
* Year of Matriculation
Home address
Home email
Work email
Home telephone
Are you interested in being a host in the coming year?
* Which Pathfinder Programme would you like to be a host for?
If yes, what, approximately, are your preferred dates from July through September?
Which dates should definitely be avoided?
Do you have any pets?

Have you been a host in the past?
If yes, how many years have you previously agreed to host?
Have you ever been a Pathfinder?
If yes, what year were you a Pathfinder in?
If you have any comments or you can't be a host but would be willing to meet either of the Pathfinders just for a drink or dinner, or to show them around your town, please let us know