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John Clark-Maxwell

John Clark-Maxwell

Hi! I'm John, and I'm a fourth year undergraduate reading Maths. While at Balliol I've been active in the JCR, including being JCR Treasurer in 2015, and a keen rower for the college boat club, as Men's captain in 2013-14. I've also sung in the college choir, and played Croquet, Cricket and Ultimate Frisbee for the college. Outside of Balliol I've been involved with other Choirs and Orchestras, and was Organ Scholar at St Edmund Hall 2013-2015. My Project will focus on modern American Pipe Organs, and the ways in which new instruments are exciting and innovative, making new sounds and responding to new demands of versatility and playability. I've really enjoyed the opportunities I've had to speak with Old Members during the telethon and at the 750th weekend, and am really looking forward to meeting many more during my time in America.

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