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It's the summer vacation - The start of August saw our largest summer school, Oxford Royal Academy, start their third and final two week session. This session ran until mid-August and from here onwards things have calmed down slightly, enabling us to concentrate on staff training and deep cleaning of all the catering departments. We are now preparing for a busy September and looking forward to the start of Michaelmas term.
Ricky Goodenough, College Butler


VIDEO: University Challenge 2016
Balliol’s team made their first appearance on 22 August against Imperial College: Freddy Potts (2015), Joey (Daniel) Goldman (2012), Benjamin Pope (2013) and Jacob Lloyd (2014).
Benjamin said: It was a great experience to go up to Manchester and compete against some seriously clever people - and better still to have made new friends in doing so. We had a great first match against a strong Imperial team who pushed us hard from the very beginning. I hope the Balliol community enjoyed watching!

BII project uses dendrology to date key prehistorical events
A Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute project has published an article proposing a new science for dating key events in prehistory.

Quantum technologies: 'another important milestone'
David Lucas (Professor of Physics and Tutor in Physics) and his Oxford research team, including Tom Harty (2005), have reached ‘another important milestone’ in the work towards building a quantum computer.

Exam success 2016
Congratulations to the Balliol Finalists who earned their degree this summer. Out of 97 students, 37 achieved Firsts. Balliol remains in the top ten of the Norrington Table.

VIDEO: Gerard Manley Hopkins talk
Professor Lesley Higgins talks about archive material at Balliol (and elsewhere) on the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins (Balliol 1863).


Canadian Government appointment for Balliol lawyer
Professor Grégoire Webber (2004) has been appointed as the Legal Affairs Advisor to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.


Historic Collections Centre
This term’s exhibition, opening for Oxford Open Doors (10-11 September) and continuing throughout Michaelmas Term, will focus on Hebraica and Judaica in Balliol's collections, ranging from ancient coins donated by JL Strachan-Davidson (Master of the College 1907-1916) to a sixteenth-century work in Hebrew and Latin donated by a seventeenth-century Sephardic Jew.  

Opening times for Oxford Open Doors are available here. Individual and group visits to the exhibition after mid-September can be arranged with the Archivist


Balliol Entrepreneurs Evening
Tuesday 27 September

Balliol Society Weekend
Saturday 1 - Sunday 2 October
Balliol College

Two Johns Dinner
Friday 28 October
Balliol College

Usborne Dinner
Thursday 17 November
The Reform Club, London

Greville Smith Society Lunch
Friday 17 March - New date
Balliol College

Jowett Bicentenary Weekend
Saturday 17 - Sunday 18 March
Balliol College 

Gaudy for the years 2003-2005
Saturday 8 April - New date
Balliol College

The Master's Lunch
Wednesday 19 April
Balliol College

Two Johns Dinner: Reworking-Networking
Join Balliol and Harvard alumni for dinner on Friday 28 October, launching a new alumni-networks collaboration.  A Saturday morning session examines the changing role of political parties in democracies.


VIDEO: Academic searches for the real Tolkien in an unbroadcast interview
Stuart Lee, an English academic and an expert on JRR Tolkien, finds an unbroadcast interview with Tolkien in the BBC archives which was shot as part of a documentary on the Lord of the Rings author in 1968.

Babies' painkiller problem
Professor Rebeccah Slater and her research team at Oxford look to find alternative ways to measure pain in babies and may eventually be able to offer babies some better options to soothe their pain.


If you would like us to mention in this section any significant work published this year or last, please contact Ginny Matthews.

Christian Carlsen (2009), Visions of the Afterlife in Old Norse Literature (Oslo: Novus, 2015)

Professor John Gledhill (1967) ed., La nueva guerra contra los pobres: la producción de inseguridad en Latinoamérica (Barcelona: Edicions Bellaterra, 2016)

Richard Heller (1966), White on Green: Celebrating the drama of Pakistan cricket (Simon & Schuster UK, 2016) co-written with Peter Oborne.

Jeffrey Lee (1984), God's Wolf: The Life of the Most Notorious of All Crusaders, Reynald de Chatillon (Atlantic Books, 2016)

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